Edgepro Components

Adjustable Brace

Edgepro adjustable brace was designed with easy use in mind.
Lightweight, adjustable to 30⁰ in both directions with turnbuckle allows variable slab angles and heights, on any surface.

1. Rubber handle developed for easy carrying keeping concrete away from threads.
2. High Strength Max Load Support Lightweight Aluminum Chassis.
3. Quick lock nut system to secure Edge-Board to brace at any height or location
4. Stopper plate on custom pickets to secure frame
5. Protrusions on base allow anchor pegs to secure the frame into any bedding, or to allow anchor bolts on any concrete, timber or metal surface
6. Custom star pickets with steel caps for easy hammering and no sharp edges – eliminates the need for star picket caps

Edge Board

The superior design of the EdgePro
Edge-Board enables a controlled setting of the slab so you get the same result every time.

With a maximum strength and bracing spacing of up to 2.4m and its strong and rigid construction the reduction of bending and deforming during and after the pour requires less people and less hours to setup in comparison to traditional methods.

1. Marine strength tempered Aluminum
2. Open cavity in edgeboards allows for connections between edgeboards and/or other additional accessories.
3. Reusable plastic edgeboard joiner allows for easy extension of edgeboard length.
4. Integrated bullnose edge eliminates need for a labourer to edge the sides.

Flexible hinge corners

Easily tackle the most complex layouts with the EdgePro Flexible hinge system.
Set any corner from 90-270° with ease, lock it into the adjacent edge-board and move onto the next section.

Perpendicular joiners

Edgepro perpendicular joiners makes switching direction at any stage a breeze.
Allowing you to start another 90⁰ run anywhere along an edgeboard, without the need to cut any edgeboard.

Internal and external 90° corner

The perfect return is possible everytime with this add on.
Internal and external 90⁰ corners allow for a push in corner at the end of two edgeboards for a perfect return,

Adjustable step-down brackets

Step up your step game with the EdgePro Step-down Bracket add-on.

This lock in system allows you to dial in the perfect setting for your step up or step down formwork. Mark the optimal setting and let your apprentice take care of the rest.