About Us

EdgePro slab formwork system was developed to simplify the erection of slab formwork construction on granular bedding, existing excavated ground, concrete surfaces, suspended slabs and tilt panel fabrication.

Whether you are working on small or large civil, commercial, residential or industrial building sites, the EdgePro slab formwork system is adaptable and versatile.

It is perfect for forming ground and culvert slabs in civil & mining industries, suspended slabs in the commercial sector and waffle pod and raft slabs in the residential sector.

Our team at EdgePro have long standing experience in the construction industry and can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

EdgePro has been developed as a formwork solution to encourage the building trade to save money and avoid over spend on consumable products such as timber, plywood, and nails. Apart from stopping waste our proven system greatly reduces labour costs, improves labour skill sets, increases compliance and results in a superior finish.

– Shane Daly, Director